About us:Get the best conference halls at minimum prices in Kolkata

Most people do not want to spend a lot of money, behind conference halls. It is a great idea, as you can easily avail the best conference halls in Kolkata, which can be provided by us. We offer conference halls at various prices, and all of them offer the best facilities.
Conference halls nowadays are available at various rental prices, but, we assure, you can get the best services out of your budget, if you avail Low cost conference hall in Kolkata, from us. Keeping in mind, the difficulties faced by the businessmen, in a business, we always try to lower the expenses, by offering the world class facilities in the conference halls, at a pocket friendly price. You might want to know the services, which are offered by us at various prices. View Gallery

Services at the minimum prices

At the most introductory price ranges for conference hall, or at very Low cost conference hall in kolkata, we will offer air conditioning, and a comfortable accommodation for 60 to 70 people, which is quite great for a normal official conference, with a limited number of guests. Apart from that, we will also provide computer and projector, such that no problems are faced by you, if you have any kind of presentation.

Extra services at elevated prices

If you’re looking for a press conference or something like that, we also offer such services, but for that you should not go for Low cost conference hall in kolkata, as a number of guests will be higher than normal, and you will require more space to accommodate all of them. All the other services and facilities are same. In almost all the price ranges, we offer free Wi-Fi connectivity, pick and drop facilities etc. In most of the conference rooms, offered by us, you can get attached restaurants which are quite great. Our conference halls are also cleaned a regular basis, such that you get maximum hygiene and cleanliness when you visit our conference halls for a conference.