The best birthday party halls which you can find in Kolkata

If you’re planning to hold a bitthday party, it is important that you have enough space for the party. If you’re from Kolkata, you can find a number of birthday party halls. The birthday party halls are available at various locations, for your maximum convenience.
If you’re not having a lot of space in your house, or no space for holding a party is available in your apartment, it is advisable that you go for a Birthday party hall in Kolkata, if you want to hold a birthday party for your small child, or for other members of your family. As far as birthday parties are concerned, a lot of space is necessary for carrying out all the activities. At INFINITY we offer birthday party halls, which you will definitely like, and you’ll get a wonderful view of the city of Kolkata, from the halls.

The space for all the guests

We offer a large amount of space, where the visitors can visit and enjoy the birthday party. Such a place for the guests, is located at the first floor .We also provide a handful of chairs in the birthday party hall, such that the guests do not face any kind of trouble to find a space for sitting and get maximum comfort. You can avail a number of stalls offered by us, like coffee stalls, snack stalls, such that all the guests can enjoy the starter before having the delicious maincourse.

Dedicated space for meals

As far as maincourse is concerned, we also offer dedicated space in a Birthday party hall in Kolkata, where the guests can have their dinner or lunch, depending upon the time, when the party will be held. We provide an accommodation, where almost 70 people people can have the meal at the same time, which is quite great, and will not be difficult for the organizers to manage the party. We offer all such facilities at a price, which will surely be economical for you.

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