Finding the best and small conference rooms in the city of Kolkata

You can find a number of conference halls in Kolkata, but choosing the best one can be a difficult task. Don’t worry, we’re there for you, and can help you by providing you the best conference halls that meet the requirements. We have conference halls in all the important locations of Kolkata.
In most of the cases all the conference halls, which you find in Kolkata are very large. Keeping in mind the size of such be conference halls, you might have two pay a hefty price rent for hiring those conference halls. From your standpoint, it is completely a waste of money, and it is also an improper utilization of space. Keeping that in mind, we will offer you a number of conference halls, which are small, medium, or large.

Small conference rooms

If you’re looking for small conference room in Kolkata, you can find them in almost all the important areas of the city, mainly in those areas, which are meant for business and heavy work culture. The prices are at the rent of such small conference room in Kolkata are quite less, and you can book them a day before the conference. In most of the cases, we offer small conference rooms, which can accommodate 30 to 40 people, without any issues.

Requirement for a long time

If you need conference rooms for a continuous period of time, we also offer you the option to pay once for booking the conference rooms. From time to time, if you want to get a bigger conference rooms to accommodate more guests, we also provide you the facility, as we have bigger conference rooms and that too in the same complex. You have two notify us about the requirement of a bigger conference room one or two days before you need it. We also provide coffee shops in all the complexes.

Low Cost Conference Hall in Kolkata